Virtual Storytelling Saturday (VISTA)

Hey you guys!

So I’ve been planning to upload a picture with a story behind it every Saturday. I usually do it on my Instagram but hey, I can’t write a long caption there so I thought maybe I could write a short story there and the longer here.

I meant it’s actually why I started to blog again. Yeah, because I talk a lot even on caption hahaha. So anyway, I’m still learning on how to make videos right now so if I could figure it out, I will try to upload some videos as well. So VISTA (yep, abbreviation for Visual Storytelling Saturday; eh kinda hard huh? Hahaha) will be in picture or video. I’m still thinking whether I should put narrative in the video or caption like always though but hey I’ll figure it out later after I learn this whole new softwares.

Sooo I think I will start posting VISTA next week 🙂 oooh I am soooo excited! Anyway, for now my story is on my instagram. So do check it out and sorry for the long caption!



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