VISTA #1: Pooping in peace

Hey you guys!

As I have promised before, I am going to share VISTA every Saturday. So this is my first VISTA yeaaaay!!!

So, my latest trip was a solo travel to Australia. I managed everything by myself from flight tickets, itinerary, budget, accommodation etc. So, my first destination was Sydney and I stayed in a hostel called MadMonkey Backpackers Hostel. You could check out my post about this hostel here.


The view from the toilet #ToiletViewGoals :p

It’s like a live music with a nice view “restaurant” for me

When I first arrived there, I was mesmerized by the view that I got from the toilet. It was so pretty! Since it was autumn there, so the leaves started to turn brown. You know what, I always, always, went to the toilet though I didn’t have to go. You know, just to enjoy the view that the toilet has offered hahaha. I know this is stupid but I once brought my food there and ate there and enjoyed the view while eating and listening to the music from those clubs across the street. It’s like a live music with a nice view “restaurant” for me hahahha oh my god that’s bad I know. Since the neighbourhood was so lively, I also liked to go to the toilet at night. Watching people roaming around the street, some were sober some were drunk, looking at the clubs across the street, etc.

I can never get bored of the view. I love the hostel very much! The neighbourhood, the location that is sooooo near to the train station which made my life much much easier! Oh God I just love Sydney and Australia overall. If I got a chance to live there, I won’t hesitate not even one second.

Have you ever mesmerized by the view that a toilet has offered like me? Hahaha. Do leave me some comments below 🙂



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