Visit Indonesia Series

Hey you guys!

Many people don’t know Indonesia very well, foreigners I meant. When I traveled and people asked me where I come from, many do not know where Indonesia is. So usually the convos goes like this

“So, where do you come from?”
“Oh I’m from Indonesia”
*awkward silence*
“I’m sorry I dont know where it is. Is it beautiful? Where is it?”
“Oh it’s alright. Do you know Bali?”
“OH YEAH I KNOW! Many people said it is soooo nice and beautiful there!”
“Yeah, that’s a small part of Indonesia”

I am not complaining that many do not know Indonesia, you guys. I meant, you cant really expect everyone to know everything. I do not know every single country in this world either. So anyway, I want other people to also know how beautiful is my place.

Anyway, I am planning to start this Visit Indonesia Series here just to share several stuffs about Indonesia like the destination, what to expect etc. I haven’t been to lots of places here and I will share some places that I have been to.

So yep, that’s the plan!



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