VISTA #3: I let travel derail me and it led me to finding new home

Hey you guys!

So today’s VISTA is not about traveling like the previous posts (check them here and here). It’s more about my second home. So you guys, I love working out, hey hey doesn’t mean I am good at it! I still have to catch my breath in the middle of working out hahaha

What started from wanting turned into desire and it turned into obsession

So anyway guys, I, for no reason, was obsessed with fit body. That toned tummy looks sooo good in my eyes. That’s what I want. What started from wanting turned into desire and it turned into obsession. Not healthy at all. I started my flat-abs-for-life journey pretty innocent at first. Starting with working out once daily after my classes finished. I followed some workouts from the internet like 20 squats, 20 push ups, 20 sit ups etc basically I googled “Workout Challenges” “Workout At Home” Workout Calendar” etc. Then I started to increase it, I usually walked to uni from my rented room (my rented room was near uni) and I also walked back home. Everyday. No no, it was still not enough. I increased it to jogging everyday at 5pm, from 2 km to 3 km to 5 km. Oh no no no, not enough. I started to workout 3 times per day.

I was getting skinnier and skinnier but no abs showing yet. I got frustrated, I ate less but with crazy workout. I kept increasing my workout and ate less and less. I know I know, what I did was completely wrong. But as I have said earlier, I had an unhealthy obsession.

Then I started to go to the gym. I’m not saying that gym is not good or anything but it is not for me. I’ve been to 2 different gyms and the personal trainers kept pushing me though I really can’t do it. I know that you should push yourself, but the personal trainers pushed me to the point I injured myself. They kept saying things that demotivated me such as “it’s easy why can’t you do that” or “oh come on it’s only A. It’s not hard” probably they want to motivate me by saying it is easy to do but they actually demotivated me hahaha. I just probably got personal trainers that are not so me. You know? I believe there are many good PT out there. Again, I’m not saying they were bad, just not to my liking.

Everything has to come in moderation

Then after some times, I stopped doing extreme stuffs like that. It’s actually because I traveled to the Philippines and I let traveling derail me. But it somehow turns into a good one huh? Hahaha. So anyway after I stopped, I ate like usual, minimum movement oh well basically back to my sedentary self hahaha. Not so long ago, October 2017, I decided to keep my life together again. So I started to follow exercises on YouTube (I always watch blogilates video! As I find Cassey like a bright sunshine hehe). I felt like I want to gain more muscle. Yeah my obsession with toned body (especially abs) is still here. Yep. BUT it’s not unhealthy obsession anymore. I know that I can’t workout like crazy, eat too little or too much. Everything has to come in moderation. I realize that now. Then I decided to join CrossFit. All of my friends were saying that I must be cray-cray since CrossFit is hard etc but again, I decided to try. I mean all of my friends keep saying that I don’t need to exercise so I refuse to listen to them.

What I love the most is the high five

The first time I joined CrossFit, I must say wow mate it is hard. I got told that many people, on their first class, threw up or even fainted. Wow crazy! I was lucky that I was fine hahaha. You know what, my first class was on Friday noon! So I had to go back to work afterwards! Hahahah hello sore body! But you know what, I love CrossFit. I feel like I belong there, everyone is so welcoming, what I love the most is the high five. Every time we finish Work Out of the Day (WOD), we high five each other saying “good job” very motivating! They don’t judge you based on your body type etc which what I felt when I was in a gym. Again, it’s probably just me feeling negative but that’s what I felt though.

How about you? Have you ever felt the same? Like you just belong to somewhere. Or do you also do CrossFit or other sport? Leave me some comments below! 🙂



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