VISTA #4: Ferragosto and freezing summer

Hey you guys!

Sorry for the delay in posting VISTA. I had this post scheduled and when I saw it apparently one paragraph was missing so I had to unpublished it and edit this post again. Anyway let’s start the story.

So I just looked at my old pictures and found one from my trip to Italy back in 2015. The picture was taken on 15 August and at that time I did not know that it is a holiday in Italy called Ferragosto. What does it have to do with the picture though? Well, we will see.

So anyway, on that day, my uncle asked us if we wanna go to a mountain. Well, I was excited to go to anywhere though so of course we went to the mountain. At first we visited my cousin’s friend’s house. Or was it her friend’s grandma’s house? I kinda forgot. So anyway, the weather was pretty cloudy and it rained a bit. We had a nice conversation there and food and coffee (of course, they always offered me coffee). So after that, we went to the mountain and it was really cold for me. I already wore my jacket though. The further we went the colder it got. And the weather became even worse and worse. I even had to wrap myself in a blanket and since Jakarta has trained me very very well, I am not good with cold weather. So we decided to go back because I was freezing to dead hahaha.


A post shared by Kemmy (@kemmistri) on Anyway, it almost time for lunch. We got really hungry because of the cold. We could not find any restaurant that opened even the one in hotels. I was like “WHYYYYY??? IT’S RAINING, COLD AND I’M IN THE MOUNTAIN I’M STARVIINGGG SOMEONE FEED ME PLEASEEE” of course I didnt say it out loud guys. I kept my cool but I was starving, freezing to dead and starving. Finally we found a bar but they only sell polenta – it’s like a porridge made out of corn. So we could only eat polenta with cheese. But hey, I was not complaining, at least I got something to eat. FINALLY!

So we went to find some food since it was lunch time. But every stores were closed even the one in a hotel. We can’t find any restaurant and it was raining real hard so it got colder and colder. We were lucky enough to find a bar that open and serve food. They only served polenta though. Oh by the way polenta is like a porridge but made from corn grain. So our lunch was only polenta topped with cheese. Hahaha but hey I wasn’t complaining. We were really lucky to find food that day! We were starvingggg.

Lesson learned is that I need to check when is the national holiday of certain places when I want to travel. Because in some places, certain national holiday means like a shut down.

So I asked my aunt about this, why it is so hard for us to find a store that open on that day. Apparently, on Ferragosto people usually go somewhere to have a nice vacation since it is in mid August as well and kids have their summer break already. Well, lesson learned is that I need to check when is the national holiday of certain places when I want to travel. Because in some places, certain national holiday means like a shut down. For example, in Indonesia, especially in Bali, Hari Raya Nyepi or “Day of Silence”, which is a Hindu celebration, means that there will be no shop nor restaurant open. There will be no vehicle on the road. No light, no people.

So have you ever experienced trip like this? Where did you go and what was the national holiday that happened? What did you do? Leave me some comments 🙂



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