VISTA #5: Waiting sucks!

Hey you guys!

Waiting sucks right? Usually people made us wait for them for 30minutes -1 hour. But I’ve been waiting for more than that. Much more than that.

So long time ago, I think it’s in 2017 or 2016, I accompanied my father to his workplace’s outing. My dad told me that he and his friends wanted to go to an island called “Kepulauan Seribu” or Thousand Islands. Well, I had nothing to do so I thought hey why don’t I come with him? I also haven’t visited Thousand Islands anyway. So I decided to join.

My father told me that we had to leave the house at 5am so the meeting point was at the port in Ancol at 6am. So being a good participant, we of course arrived on time. Well before 6am actually. Apparently, our boat was supposed to leave the port at 8am. Oh wow what a long time to wait right? Oh that sucks. But guys, that’s not the reason behind the title. So people started to gather and of course, it wasn’t only us who wanted to ride the boat. There were a lot of people there since it was Saturday. Well anyway, after making small talk with my dad’s colleagues I started to get bored. I meant guys, 2 hours.

So I sat down and played game on my phone. I heard them talking about someone’s being late. I was kinda annoyed though, I had arrived before 6am and now I had to wait for someone who’s late. Geez. So I heard about them talking that we were going to ride the 9am boat. Oh wow another 1 hour. It started to get really bright and hot. And it was more than 9am already.

The thing is guys, I used to can’t hide my emotions. When I’m mad, then I’m mad and I’ll show it. I was very vocal about my thoughts. Then people started to notice that I was irritated. I didn’t want to talk to anyone, heck I didn’t even smile nor responded when they tried to make a joke. Then I heard that they were trying to contact this guy but for some reason they could not reach him. The last time they called this guy he said that he’s on the way. Not sure to where though.

So you guys, the port was empty when I got there then it started to full of people and empty again. And I was still there at the exact same spot. It was almost lunch time. Lunch. Time. Oh for god sake I couldn’t hold it any longer I demanded to go home. It was utterly ridiculous to wait for someone for more than 5 hours. I even got a fight with my dad because his colleague was ridiculously rude for making the others wait for too long. And I find the others were ridiculously stupid to actually wait for that long. My mom even called me and scolded me and I did not care. I got even more mad.

Finally they decided to leave him and we got to ride the boat at 1.30pm oh that was ridiculous. After my parents bribed me with a lot of cash (hahaha) I agreed to still join them but I refused to talk to them. I know I know, I could not control my emotion very well back then. I promise it’s not like that anymore now (kinda). So I minded my own business when we arrived there, refused to talk or even see anyone. Walked around alone until midnight. Well basically being alone and trying to calm myself.

The next day, I tried to “made up” with some people there though I still refused to talk to them or even making too much small talk. So we walked around the island during sunrise and that’s what I got. That picture right here. Pretty isn’t it? Well after that, since I still refused to have a conversation with them, I went to a small store and had conversation with the locals. Getting to know about living in small island, the 4-10m waves that they saw couple of times etc.

Well, anyway, that’s how my story goes. How I had to wait for someone for more than half day. And you know what, he didn’t show up until we got home. The next day, he showed up at the office without feeling guilty, without saying “I’m sorry” and just acted like nothing happen. Wow. He’s on my blacklist of course. Ever since that I refused to meet my dad’s colleagues as I might say something bad when I meet him.

Wooh you guys, I typed this post with emotion! Hahahaha but seriously you guys, don’t do what he did. It’s rude and it’s bad to make others wait for you. As the saying says, time is moneyyy.

Have you ever waited for someone that long? What did you do? Leave me some comments below 🙂



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