Cardio VS Weight Training: People either hate running or weight lifting

Hey you guys!

So whenever I talk to people who workout either occasionally or regularly, I always find that they mostly divided into 2 groups, the one who hate running but love weightlifting or the one who love running but hate weightlifting. Hey hey, I said most not everyone.

So for the love running group, they usually into cardio more than strength or HIIT training. Most of them said that weightlifting will make them bulky or they just don’t have the satisfaction in it since they don’t grasp for air when doing it.

While the latter group, stated that running is “pointless” as they will lose fat but also could lose muscle. And cardio and low intensity training usually tire them more. So they prefer to do strength training or HIIT as they will get the result much faster.

As for me, I think both is important. I’m still new in HIIT and weight training as I just joined CrossFit for one month now. So I’m still learning about it. But I used to jog back when I was in college until I graduated. Cardio is good for our cardiovascular health so I don’t cut cardio out of my routine. Since I want to shape my body, I also include weight training and put more weight training in my routine.

In one article, I read that cardio actually doesn’t burn your muscle, it’s actually because of your crash diet. Since you have no enough energy, they will start to use your muscle as source of energy so you might lose muscle. (Read it here)

So guys, it’s not that simple to say that cardio is better or worse than weightlifting. Both come hand in hand. But if you wanna shape your body then you should do more weight training. That’s what I learnt from my coach.

Which team are you guys? Are you the running team or the weight training team? Or a little bit of both? 🙂 leave me some comments below!



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