Working out during Ramadan: should I?

Hey you guys!

So it’s Ramadan until June and Muslims all over the world have to fast. So since I have to fast, I had been thinking if I should keep my working out routine or change it a little or maybe just not working out. Well, it’s been around 2 weeks of fasting now and I can safely say based on my experience it is okay to fast and work out.

So remember guys, the key is based on my experience. Everyone has their own view on it and everyone reacts to things differently.

Before Ramadan I was contemplating should I buy the 3 month membership at the box now or later. So I talked to my coach about it, not about buying the membership though, I talked about working out during Ramadan. He said that it depends on everyone since everyone is different. You have to know your limitations.

Since I know that during fasting I usually get thirsty (I tend to forgot that I’m fasting and almost drink water couple of times) so I know that I can only workout after I break my fast or after Iftar. But some people do work out before Iftar such as my brother couple of years ago (now he work out after Iftar) and couple of my friends at the box. My friends usually do the workout in the morning so around 10 am on the weekend as he said that he still has the energy to workout after Suhoor at 3am ish. Again guys, everyone is different.

Anyway, since Crossfit is a high intensity kind of work out and I usually need to drink in the middle of the workout, I choose to do evening class. I usually go to the box 3-4 times per week. So after Iftar and finish my prayer, I join the class at 7pm or 8pm. Even before Ramadan, I always do evening class though so no change in my routine.

But I read some articles that it is okay to exercise before Iftar though you might want to consider what type of exercise you want to do. It is better to do a light one like jogging, walking briskly, gentle swimming, yoga etc. basically light to moderate type of workout since you can’t eat and drink anything during fasting.

Fasting is not excuse

Things to note as well, you might lack of sleep during Ramadan as you need to eat on Suhoor. Or maybe some of you don’t do it I don’t know. Here, Suhoor usually starts at 3am ish until 4.30am ish. So many people lack of sleep well including me. So you might want to pay attention to your sleeping pattern as during fasting you probably feel more tired or get tired more easily. If you do a vigorous intensity workout, you might feel light headed so pay attention to your limitation.

And also, don’t forget your water. Water is so important! I kinda force myself to drink 1.5-2 L of water per day now. Hahaha

Well so, should you working out during Ramadan? Yes! Remember guys, fasting is not an excuse. If you can’t do your usual vigorous routine then scale it down. Modify your workout intensity and/or the time. Whichever fits you best!

Ramadan is almost over, do you workout during Ramadan? What do you usually do? If you haven’t, will you start to do it? 🙂 Leave me some comments below!



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