Charging in 3, 2, 1…

Hey you guys!

So lately I’ve been feeling off, you know like I just wanna shut everyone off, not talking to anyone and basically just having time with myself. I haven’t worked out for 2 weeks and God I feel bad. I also eat crappy foods. I’m sorry my body I promise I’ll take care of you better.

I don’t feel like this everyday or very often but sometimes I do. I naturally am an introverted person so being with people for too long drains my energy fast. When I’m feeling off like this, I just wanna be left alone.

And I think that is perfectly okay sometimes you just need to charge yourself! Everyone has their own way to charge their energy, mine is having my “me time” just with me, myself and I hahaha. The most important thing is for me to get back out there again after this. Taking care of my body again, eating clean and basically back to my usual self (not saying that right now I’m not myself though hehe).

Anyway, I’m taking some times off of technologies (more like social media etc so I could have my peace and quiet time). I won’t be writing for a while until I’m finished charging. So until then, see you guys!



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