Happy burpeeday! Jelly legs, wide smile: How the box celebrate my birthday

Hey you guys!

So I’m back from my “Me Myself and I” time and how did I spend it? Basically doing nothing hahaha. So anyway I just had my birthday yeay I’m old! So now I’m officially a quarter century minus 1 year. Yeay!!

Anyway let’s talk about my birthday. This year how I “celebrate” it was kind of different. How? Usually I had dinner or lunch with my close friends but since we work now and some are living in other country or other island so it’s getting hmm how do I say it, harder to do to that. So anyway I decided to go to a small island where my uncle works. It’s called Tidung Island. I’ll talk about it more on my traveling post (been a while no?).

I wanted to rent a room but my parents insisted on coming with me and want to do a day trip there. So basically I just had lunch aaaaand that’s all. Well apart from walking on the island hahaha. So anyway I obviously went to the box (literally had no other place to go so that’s why guys hahaha). I didn’t tell anyone about my birthday because guys people at the box celebrate it by giving you extra burpee. How much? Depends on your age. So it would be 24 burpees for me. Yeah no thank you.

Back when I was in Tidung Island, a guy thought I was still in Junior High School so he probably thought I’m still around 15 hahaha. I found it very funny actually (though it happened to me a lot) so I posted it on instagram because it was the day when I turned 24 and people thought I’m 15. And my friend at the box saw my post and told everyone.

I didn’t go to the box on Friday not because I tried to avoid those burpees (well I did but also I had work to do). So I thought yeay bye extra burpee I’m free yeaaayy. Then I decided to come on Saturday morning since my German class is not started yet.

My Birthday Special WOD

Apparently the WOD was named after me and one of my friends there who just had his birthday as well. So I got a Birthday Special WOD! Oh my god you guys! I was seriously touched and happy like aaaw you guys don’t have to do this. People were coming at me hugging me, kissing me etc because it was my birthday. They were really sweet!

My legs felt like jelly, it was shaking but I can’t stop smiling from ear to ear!

But then.. I started to regret it. The WOD was rough for me. I mean, come on just look at the board! So I cursed a lot. Love hate relationship with my birthday special WOD I guess hahaha. In the middle of the workout the coach keep saying happy birthday Kemmy while smirking and seeing me in pain and grunting.

After we were done I tried to catch my breath then suddenly the coach made some speech about how this WOD is dedicated to the birthday boy and girl AND we had to do burpees. Like what? I just ran, jumped, did deadlift, goblet squat and now 24 burpees? Like now? I NEEDED REEEESTT but I did it anyway though. Hahahaha. My legs felt like jelly, it was shaking but I can’t stop smiling from ear to ear!

Please watch the video in which I was in so much pain (I like to hyperbole things)

I think what they did for my birthday was very sweet and it was very special for me. I love the WOD special (though it felt like hell) I love the burpees (though it made my legs shaking like a jelly) I love the high fives I love everything. I just knew these guys for 3 months and I could call them my second family because I always wanna come back to the box 🙂

I love you guys.



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