Trying to get my shit together step 1: throwing away shit from my room

Hey you guys!

So I just finished cleaning my room couple of days ago. Well I do clean my room (kind of) regularly but it is still a mess. Like. A. Mess. Guys. Seriously.

So recently I have been reaaally fascinated with bar soap. Yea guys, soap. I am that simple and easily entertained. I know. So my friend at the box (CrossFit’s gym) shared on her instagram story about this beautiful handmade organic soap. Apparently her friend from college made that. So when she brought the soap and shampoo to the box I asked her about it. So I contacted her friend afterwards.

I ordered 1 bar soap and 1 bar shampoo. I wanna try it first. Then I see that her bathroom looks so nice. I know guys I know, people could edit their picture and just “prepare it” so it looks insta-worthy. But really, woah so clean and tidy and not many stuffs there. So it inspired me to clean my bathroom so my new soap and shampoo will have a new nice home. I never think of taking the picture though and share it on social media, just want my bathroom to look nice

Anyway after that I thought “hey lets clean your room too! Your life is such a mess lately, clean your room! Tidy it up! It will look better”

Oh my god. So many stuffs. So many junks that I was not aware of. So. Messy. So yeah I started to clean my room on Nov 7th. And it took me days guys. In the middle of cleaning my room, I tried to search for some tips online about decluttering because I am kind of a hoarder he he he :p and I stumbled upon this minimalism articles. So I started to try to do a more minimalist life. Then I cleaned my room again, started to researched about closet as well and I am finally done cleaning! It took me 10 days to clean my room including my clothes.

I am trying to get my life together again and I start it by cleaning my room and change my lifestyle. But hey, I just started this lifestyle on 7 Nov. We will see how it goes 🙂




2 thoughts on “Trying to get my shit together step 1: throwing away shit from my room

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