Welcome To The Cult

Hey you guys!

Many people have asked me about my workout routine. I tend to post the post-WOD group picture on my instagram so people started to ask me about it. Let’s start with the FAQs hahaha

1. What is your workout routine?

2. Where do you do it?

3. What is CrossFit? How do you choose it among other type of workout?

4. How do you stick with it? Why?

5. You’re working out? Don’t you afraid you’ll get bulky? You’re a girl! (Yeah many people ask me this sadly)

Aaaand to answer all of the questions above let me tell you one thing

It. Is. A. Cult.

True story 😉

CrossFit is a cult you guys. Once you’re in it’s almost impossible to get out hahaha.

The routine? Well I just followed the “menu on the board” so it usually varies from day to day and that what makes it interesting and you won’t get bored really! I also stick with them because oh guys the community is just awesome! We support each other, heck if I don’t show up for couple of days they will message me. IT. IS. A. CULT.

And no guys, it doesn’t make me bulky at all 😀 Lifting weight will not make you bulky girls 🙂 so don’t worry!





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