Travel Plan 2019

Hey you guys!

Wow! Time flies! It’s almost 2019 now, 2018 will be over in less than 2 months. Wow. Unbelievable.

Anyway guys, in this post I want to talk about my travel plan for 2019. This year I visited Australia. Last March to be precise. You could check my posts here:

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Mengurus VISA ke Australia Sendiri: Gampang gak sih? (This one is in Bahasa)

It was a very nice experience! First solo traveling, first concert. Love it!

So for 2019 I was planning to visit Northern Ireland because, you know, Game of Thrones (Travel Bucketlist #1: Game of Thrones). But I think I have to postpone it for now :/ because I also want to visit other places in the UK but I have a very limited time. So for my travel plan in 2019, I am planning to go to the UK. I haven’t booked the flight though. However, I am going to apply for the VISA soon 🙂 hopefully everything goes smoothly!

My mom’s friend, who is a Japanese, sent her a message that she’s back in Japan now because she’s pregnant with her second child. Previously she lived in India with her husband and daughter. And my mom and dad have been dying to go to Japan again and visit their Japanese friends there. Yep. My whole family has been to Japan but me. Though it was me who really wanted to go there since I was in Junior High or something. #AllHailLelouch (eh?)

So there you go guys. In 2019, I want to visit UK and Japan. I want to visit places in Indonesia as well though! Like Komodo Island, Sumba, Baluran National Park etc. But I haven’t really made a plan for that except going to Yogyakarta for my friend’s wedding!

Oh I am soooo excited! Cheers to the upcoming years! (Too soon?)



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