VISTA #10: Battle of The Southeners

Hey you guys!

If you read my previous VISTA, you could see that after the farewell party, I had to go to the box early in the morning the next day. That’s because our box held our first CrossFit competition and I was one of the crews. WOOOOOPPP.

So I contacted one of my friends if she still needed more help during the event but apparently they had enough crew and judges. However, one day before the event, she contacted me and asked if I could help her as the scoring team. So I said yes. I was really excited about it!

The night before I went out with my colleagues for karaoke so I was rather tired in the morning (check out the story here). I arrived at the box at 6.30 am but no one was there so I had to wait for around 15 minutes before the others arrived. Then we started to prepare the equipment and everything. Since I didnt have yellow (crew)/orange (judge) t-shirt, my friend lent hers to me. But her t-shirt was orange so I had a different colour hahaha.

After the briefing, many athletes came and registered. Then they started to warm up, while I was trying to figure out the leaderboard and scoring system. One of us brought 3 bottles of coffee. OH THANK YOU. I woke up realllllyyy early and I was sleep deprived so I was really sleepy. Ended up drinking too much, my stomach hurts hahahha.

Anyway, the event went real smooth and fast. I was so amazed by our teamwork actually. We were really efficient and fast. Right after the heat, the judge gave me the score sheet and I inputted it right away. The other crew was really fast at preparing the equipment for the next heat. WOAH. It was sooo fun. Looking at those athletes compete was making me excited!

The event itself started from the idea of one of our coaches, Coach Oka and his team member, Sofia and Adit, when they competed in Malaysia. They thought, hey why dont we create event at our box as well? And boom! The brainstormed the WOD, the event, everything! Damn it was so fun! I really want to participate in another event in the future. I guess I really am stuck in this cult huh? 😀 Once you’re in you cant go back!



VISTA #9: See you

Hey you guys!

Last week my coworkers held a farewell party for me. Usually when we hold a farewell, it would be a dinner at a (usually fancy) restaurant. Eh free expensive food yeay. But my farewell was a bit different.

My former line manager, Bang Sutan (in informal situation, we call any boys or younger or older men with “Mas” or “Bang” and any girls or younger or older women with “Mbak”), kept asking my close friend, Ryan, about my farewell. What do I want for the gift and where should we hold the farewell. To be honest I didnt even know what I want or where I want to eat. Well if they ask me what do I want to eat, I want to eat rice, chili (sambel terasi) and anchovy plus veggie (kangkung). Hahaha. Doubt that the others want to eat it as well hahaha.

Soooo after couple of weeks, the email invitation was finally sent by Bang Sutan. Wow. 3pm-6pm? Isnt it a working office hour? The farewell dinner is 3 hours? Wow. What a long time. But the place was still “TBA.” So I asked Ryan where will we go for my farewell and he told me that we’re going karaoke. OH. No wonder it’s 3 hours hahaha. I think the team wanted to have an “Away Day” event as well so they set it from 3pm. Ryan told me about the conversation he had with Bang Sutan earlier:

“Mas Ryan, where should we hold the farewell party for Mbak Kemmy?”

“Eh.. I dont know Bang. I’m not good at holding an event. I’m confused”

“Hmm, well she likes Japanese stuffs right?”


So lets have a karaoke party for her


Mas Ryan then said to me while laughing “I dont see the correlation between you like Japanese stuffs and karaoke.”

“But the others seem really excited to go to this karaoke. Some already made a song list”

Glad to know that the team was excited about it hahahah. Apparently, the time was changed to 5pm because our Head Department, Mba Inge, had a meeting.

So the karaoke began!

Let me tell you something. I dont like karaoke. I dont like singing. Mostly because I’m embarrassed by my tone deafness hahahaha. Basically I cant sing. Such a horrible singer. We get it Kem. I tried REAL hard to avoid singing but then I know I cant run away from it. The team kept asking me to sing. I even ate my dinner real slow then Mba Inge and Bang Sutan said “Kemmy, I know you’re eating slowly because you dont want to sing”

“Mba Kemmy, we are waiting for you until you finish eating”

Cant run away now that my 2 bosses said that! Oh what the heck imma gonna sing then. Hey, it’s not that bad since the others are singing as well hahaha. There were 4 mic but everyone was singing hahahha. I kinda thought like okay, no need to have mic here hahhaha.

At 8 pm, the team shared their thoughts about me and prayers for my next journey. To be honest, I really wanted to cry but I held it. Because I also needed to hold my pee. Yea. During that sad moment I cant cry because I was holding my pee. It was really sweet until I had to give a speech then I came up then said “Can I pee first?” Anti-climax I know.

We ended up having a karaoke party for 4 hours. And I had to go to the box tomorrow morning because we had our first CrossFit event. But hey! It was a really great night! I am really gonna miss the team so much!



VISTA #8: Public Butt

Hey you guys!

It’s VISTA time! Oh how I love blabbering on the internet to some random people that I dont know. Hahaha. Today I am going to share a little bit of my trip to Japan.

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🚋 Hiroshima Night Tram [Long caption of my blabbering awaits] I had a good time here in Hiroshima. It was a short trip but still memorable. We decided to explore the city at night, unfortunately most of the shops were closed. Can’t blame them, it was rather late. But again, my stomach just kept growling. Eh don’t blame me, Japanese food is lyfeee. . . Another thing why this short trip is memorable is because I got to see something that I shouldn’t see. Don’t get too excited guys, it was a butt. A man’s butt. 🙃 yea. So, before we went to the train station to go to Tokyo, I took a shower in the morning. When I was about to get out from the bathroom, the first thing that I saw was a man’s butt. Butt. 🍑 well my reflexes told me to close the door and said sorry. Inside the bathroom-which-lights-have-been-turned-off-by-me-since-I-have-finished-showering, I was thinking. Why the heck did I say sorry? He’s the one who took off his pants on the corridor. But again, it would be so awkward if I get out and he is still there. But it also is awkward for me just yo stay in this dark bathroom. Eh. What to do. Hahahaha. . . So I got out from the bathroom, hoping that he went back to his room or whatever. Luckily, he wasn’t there. I went back to my room, keep my mouth shut or my parents will get frantic and forbid me to travel alone 🙃 eh but I tell people on the internet. So smart Kem. . . 📸 iPhone X #shotoniphone 💻 #Photoshop #lightroom #Hiroshima #Japan #City #Night #Tram #Nippon #Asia #EastAsia #Travel

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As you all know (probably not all of you though), I went to Japan last May-June. My family and I decided to go to Hiroshima because we wanted to see the Atomic Bomb Dome and also Miyajima Island, which is very very beautiful. But that’s another story to tell, now I want to talk a story before I went back to Tokyo.

So, before we went back to Tokyo we wanted to visit the Dome. So I took a shower in the morning. But because there was only 1 bathroom on each floor, I decided to went to another floor and took a shower there. Afterwards, I put on some clothes and turned off the lights. When I was about to get out and opened the bathroom door…. There, I saw it. A butt. Butt. Peach emoji. Butt. We get it Kem, you just saw a butt.

My brain told me to get back to the bathroom, say sorry and close the door. So I did that. Inside the dark bathroom, I was thinking. Why on earth I said sorry and stayed in this bathroom. I meant… I was about to go out and went back to my room. And he was the one who took off his pants on the corridor, in front of the bathroom. Yes, it was a man’s butt. I didnt see his face because I was facing the floor when that happened, hence what I saw. A butt. It was sooo awkward. I could not get out because I didnt know what to say or how to react if he was still outside. But if I kept staying in this dark bathroom, it would be so weird as well. If I turned on the lights, well… not really helping. Still a weird and awkward situation.

Fuck it. Imma gonna come out. So I opened the door and luckily he was not there. I think he was about to fix his pants or something but he never thought that someone was about to get out from the bathroom. I quickly went back to my room and get dressed before we left the hostel. I tried to keep quiet about this whole butt thing in front of my parents. Because if they found out they will get overly protective for some reason, get frantic and forbid me to travel alone again *insert upside down smiling emoji here* hahaha.

But hey, I told people on the internet instead hahaha