Getting My Shit Together: One Month Update

Hey you guys!

I tried to get my shit together last November 7th and it has been one month now. Seriously guys, after I tidy up my room, it usually only stays for hmm 2 weeks before it gets messy again hahaha. I am such a messy person.

So anyway, here’s the update of my life so far:

1. Room situation

I am proud to say that my room still looks the same! It’s hard to stick with the routine of clean things up right away or put things where they belong. Because face it, I am not an organized person.

2. Money money money: a not so haul, haul

I started to make a personal finance data. Just started this on 25th November though. I started it that day because that’s when I got my salary hahaha. I always set my monthly budget but never really stick to it. So let’s see if I could stick to it now. I always have some amount of money that goes to my savings and investments but I want to have more. Usually, after my monthly budget is used, I’ll use my savings :/ bad move Kem.

I realized that after I started to tidy up my life, I don’t buy much stuffs but again it’s been like what, only 2 weeks after I started to note my expenses. So I’ll update it later.

3. Where are my clothes at though?

Yeaaa… exactly. Where? So my family use this laundry service where they wash and iron our clothes. Well actually we wash them ourselves, we just asked them to iron our clothes. Since they have many customers as well, it could take a long time before I have them again. So now I’m struggling with that. I have been planning to wash and iron my clothes myself. Sorry, mom and dad. Maybe later after I finally get my shit together I could do that to my parents’ clothes as well.

4. Dress up!

Sooo my friends at work started to notice that I dress better lately. Yepp. So that’s one of my aims as well, to dress better. I usually go to work with only tshirt, jacket (because I can’t stand cold), jeans. Oh don’t forget wet, messy hair. Where are you working at though Kem? So I’m pretty proud of that achievement hahaha yes guys it is an achievement for me.

5. Skin Condition

My mom keeps saying that my skin looks much better. My dermatologist also says so. Basically I’m such a messy person my room is considered dirty as well. Cats fur, dust, etc. It’s not that I have that pile of junks in my room but it was dirty mate. I also ate like well, unhealthy. Very unhealthy. Lacks of water. I still have my coffee but drink more water as well. So now my skin feels smoother. Well apart from this allergic reaction on my skin and it’s so annoying :/

I hope I could stick with these routines 🙂 I feel so happy whenever I’m in my room and there are no mess/too much stuffs in it 😀



Getting My Shit Together: A not so haul haul

Hey you guys!

There are many videos or posts about people talking about stuffs that they just bought recently. And I’m going to do it in this post. Though the haul is not really a haul. Haulception. Too many haul words. Hahaha

As you all know I am trying to get my shit together now. You could check about it here and here also here. So not only I try to be a more organized person (I am just an absolute mess you guys), drink more water or basically just change my food and drink to a healthier one, exercise regularly (it’s been such a long time since I went to the box due to work but I tried to exercise regularly at home), but also I try to manage my money better. Yeah basically, I am trying to get my shit together.

Anywaaaayy, since I am always interested in the environment and health (basically those two are my main interests in terms of serious topics (?)), while trying to get my shit together I also try to change my lifestyle to a more sustainable one, well eco friendly lifestyle basically.

My very first handmade soap!

Earlier today, I participated in a soap making workshop held by Molona (or check their Instagram here) on Sore Hore event by Kaskus. I was really excited! I have been talking about how I want to learn to make my own soap to my colleagues, friends and family hahaha.

After I finished the workshop, I decided to walk around and sat on the bean bag and listened to the live music. The music was great as well, I watched Mondo Gascaro’s performance there.

Anyway there was one stall that caught my eyes. It was Cleanomic which sells zero waste and eco friendly products. Awesome! So there are some things that I bought there and I have been looking for them for a while now. I wanted to buy them from Aliexpress at first but since the shipping usually takes 2 weeks ish, and I am very impatient, so when I saw them there I just decided to buy those stuffs. I didn’t bring my shopping bag because I didn’t think that I’ll buy something so I only brought my small clutch. And the seller was very nice, he gave me a medium size cutlery bags so I could bring my stuffs. I was really happy they didn’t provide any plastic 🙂

So I got:

1. Bamboo toothbrush (25k IDR / 1 USD ish)

2. Natural deodorant – maybe I’ll try to make it in the future as well! (65k IDR / 4 USD ish)

3. 2 pcs of face cotton pads – which I forgot to include it in the picture (6k IDR each / 0.4 USD ish)

4. Safety razor (65k IDR / 4 USD ish)

So I spent around 10 USD for them and I still could reuse the razor and cotton pads again and again and again aaaand again. So I could save some money to buy disposable razor and cotton pads 😀

Let’s see, usually the disposable razors that I bought are 70k IDR ish (~ 4 USD) for 4 pieces so probably around 17k IDR or 1 USD each. But I could probably use them for hmm I’m not sure 3-5 shaves each before it gets dull? So 12-20 shaves for 4 pieces. While the new one that I just bought could be used for a long long loooong time. I saw a video on YouTube and she has been using it for 1.5 years now. Besides, I’ll have less waste with my new razor!

Also, it is the same for my cotton pads. I could use it and wash it again and again so I don’t have to buy it anymore. The big one costs around 10k -15k IDR or 0.7 – 1 USD ish. Depending on my makeup routine and skin care routine (applying toner for example), I could use it more often and i will need to buy a new one again. While this one, it could be a one time purchase kind of thing you know. Let’s say that I use 10 big packs of cotton pads per year, so it will cost me 7-10 USD per year just for cotton and don’t forget the waste. It doesn’t seem like it’s a lot but hey, we have other needs no? So if you accumulate it, BOOM! Big. Amount. Of. Money. Skin care, other personal care, clothes etc.

If you don’t believe me, you could check my post about how much money you have spent just for your face: How much does my face worth? I tried to calculate it once and wow. I’m awake now wallet, okay?

Well that’s my first haul post that is not very hauly huh? Hahaha



Getting My Shit Together: Water Bottle

Hey you guys!

So as you all know I am trying to get my shit together. I started by cleaning my room (read it here) and also declutter my books (read it here). Now I also start to bring my water bottle, basically everywhere.

I know that I like to drink coffee. I can drink at least 3 cups of grande (even venti) Latte from Starbucks. Imagine how much plastic waste from that. A lot. And that’s just from me.

I also try to switch my drinks to water and reduce my coffee consumption. So I always have a water bottle beside my bed and bring one to wherever I go 😀

Do you bring your water bottle everywhere too? I encourage you to bring your bottle everywhere so you could reduce plastic waste!