Working Out For “The Perfect Body”

Hey you guys!

I’ve been pretty occupied lately with packing etc. Eh, it took me a reaaaaalllllyy long time because I watched the CrossFit Games at the same time. Hahaha. Wow I cant believe it that I am going to move abroad soon. I hope my VISA is issued soon (praying real hard).

Yesterday I went to morning class (8 am). WOW. Morning. Class. What a rare sight of me going to the box at the morning right? And it was Sunday. I usually still on my bed, hugging my pillow by that time hahha. So lately, I have been working out at the box again and I noticed some things. My body of course started to change again due to working out, more proper sleep pattern/duration, kind of healthier diet etc. BUT I dont really pay attention to my body that much anymore now. Like okay, it changed that’s nice but it’s not my first priority anymore.

I wont lie. Of course I want that “perfect body” and I used to working out with that as my goal. My sole goal. But not anymore now! I find the changes in my body as a bonus. I, now, work out because I find it fun and it’s great for my health. Of course I still need to improve several aspects, for example my strength and endurance are still not that good but I am still working on it. Because I used to do it for “the perfect body,” when I didnt see the results, I just felt down and upset. Now, not anymore! I barely pay attention to those changes 😀



Getting My Shit Together: One Month Update

Hey you guys!

I tried to get my shit together last November 7th and it has been one month now. Seriously guys, after I tidy up my room, it usually only stays for hmm 2 weeks before it gets messy again hahaha. I am such a messy person.

So anyway, here’s the update of my life so far:

1. Room situation

I am proud to say that my room still looks the same! It’s hard to stick with the routine of clean things up right away or put things where they belong. Because face it, I am not an organized person.

2. Money money money: a not so haul, haul

I started to make a personal finance data. Just started this on 25th November though. I started it that day because that’s when I got my salary hahaha. I always set my monthly budget but never really stick to it. So let’s see if I could stick to it now. I always have some amount of money that goes to my savings and investments but I want to have more. Usually, after my monthly budget is used, I’ll use my savings :/ bad move Kem.

I realized that after I started to tidy up my life, I don’t buy much stuffs but again it’s been like what, only 2 weeks after I started to note my expenses. So I’ll update it later.

3. Where are my clothes at though?

Yeaaa… exactly. Where? So my family use this laundry service where they wash and iron our clothes. Well actually we wash them ourselves, we just asked them to iron our clothes. Since they have many customers as well, it could take a long time before I have them again. So now I’m struggling with that. I have been planning to wash and iron my clothes myself. Sorry, mom and dad. Maybe later after I finally get my shit together I could do that to my parents’ clothes as well.

4. Dress up!

Sooo my friends at work started to notice that I dress better lately. Yepp. So that’s one of my aims as well, to dress better. I usually go to work with only tshirt, jacket (because I can’t stand cold), jeans. Oh don’t forget wet, messy hair. Where are you working at though Kem? So I’m pretty proud of that achievement hahaha yes guys it is an achievement for me.

5. Skin Condition

My mom keeps saying that my skin looks much better. My dermatologist also says so. Basically I’m such a messy person my room is considered dirty as well. Cats fur, dust, etc. It’s not that I have that pile of junks in my room but it was dirty mate. I also ate like well, unhealthy. Very unhealthy. Lacks of water. I still have my coffee but drink more water as well. So now my skin feels smoother. Well apart from this allergic reaction on my skin and it’s so annoying :/

I hope I could stick with these routines 🙂 I feel so happy whenever I’m in my room and there are no mess/too much stuffs in it 😀



Charging in 3, 2, 1…

Hey you guys!

So lately I’ve been feeling off, you know like I just wanna shut everyone off, not talking to anyone and basically just having time with myself. I haven’t worked out for 2 weeks and God I feel bad. I also eat crappy foods. I’m sorry my body I promise I’ll take care of you better.

I don’t feel like this everyday or very often but sometimes I do. I naturally am an introverted person so being with people for too long drains my energy fast. When I’m feeling off like this, I just wanna be left alone.

And I think that is perfectly okay sometimes you just need to charge yourself! Everyone has their own way to charge their energy, mine is having my “me time” just with me, myself and I hahaha. The most important thing is for me to get back out there again after this. Taking care of my body again, eating clean and basically back to my usual self (not saying that right now I’m not myself though hehe).

Anyway, I’m taking some times off of technologies (more like social media etc so I could have my peace and quiet time). I won’t be writing for a while until I’m finished charging. So until then, see you guys!